Singapore M/s, PC Fruits 1993

Bought on Internet, nice m/s


USA 2008

I bought it in this morning. It took me much time to find it in the shop, so when I found it, so happy,lalala....
The fruit set came from The US where my hunny lives, huhu.


Belgium 2007 Autocollant

Thank Thomas so much about this sheet.It's nice, khakha. A little bit expensive when I buy it


Belarus 2004

Thanks Kazi! 5,5 months for a letter to Poland from Vietnam


France Seris No7

Thanks Eric Bruth to send it to me!

Vietnam fruit

I had 2 sets , one is impert set, one is normal like this



Australia 1987 Maximum card

I really like them, so cute! they are useful to me.
I love them

I love u,too

San Marino

My hunny bought it to me! Thanks hunny so much, :-*

Indonesia 1999

Thanks my friend from Indonesia, he sent it to me


the first fruit set is from Libya

I bought it in this morning, but unfornatedly I forgot it in the shop, maybe I'll come back to get it. huhu



Thanks a friend from Portugal to send it to me.

Thailand 1986

Going to stamp market, I bought it, very hard to get it, a little bit expensive


Frane 2008 "Year of Rat"

Thanks Eric so much.It is beautiful m/s.It has some grapes


FDC coconut

It has a litte perfume of coconut candy


Singapore 1986

Thanks Leung, finding it and sent to me the booklet. It's nice for me, I think so.
The set introduced local fruits.It included Guava, Jambu air, Rambutan and Ciku.

Malaysia Fruit 1999

Thanks Ian, It's nice, I'll add to my collection.


Aland 1998

It's nice, I bought it today. nice, nice stamps........


Block togo 1996

in this afternoon, when I went from school to my E central, I bought it. Happy, happy, fruit...


Macau 1998

I bought it this morning, this is the market in the street, it is popular in Asia. I like them in the first time I saw.


RTNC 1978

Thanks Baris to comment to me know more information about this set

Argentina 2004

magya posta 1986


VN 1976

VN 2001

In vietnam, we have the which have period of issue and shall not be reprinted; after their period of issue, any unsold special stamps must be destroyed, when they were issued half a year to 2 years, We applied this rule from 2001.

venda fruit

fruit from Cambodia

fruit from Laos


fruit stamps from France

This is the first time I exchange with Eric Contesse but he was kind when he sent to me a beautiful and high value s/s. Thanks Eric so much.