Singapore M/s, PC Fruits 1993

Bought on Internet, nice m/s

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Karmanovsky Alexander nói...

Dear Ha Tram!
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Unknown nói...

برامج إقلاع سوفت - دليل برامج إقلاع سوفت
حيرةوبم ميران المصريين العاملين
الجودة :قطاع
قطاع الاتصالات

Master nói...

My Dear Friend!
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Pablo (yo) nói...

Great blog on stamps!!
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EBVA nói...

i collect fruits stamps too.

Unknown nói...

Hi Ha Tram,
This is actually my first time to find a blog that features foods, fruits and orchids. It looks really great!
I went to an online stamp catalogue I usually visit and found these same stamps (local fruits) issued on October 1, 1993. It was entitled International Stamp Exhibition “BANGKOK ‘93” – Bangkok, Thailand - Fruits.